Kimberly P. Sanderlin, Founder & CEO

“The Practitioner”

Kimberly received her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Sociology from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Kimberly credits her dual degree in Education and Sociology (def: the study of society, social institutions, and social relationships) in helping her develop into a masterful educator.  Kimberly is currently in her 9th year teaching, serving in her 2nd year as an 8th grade AG/VSN (very strong need; top 5% performers on EOGs) English/Language Arts teacher at the Academy at Lincoln in Greensboro, NC.  Prior to working at Lincoln, Kimberly dedicated 7 years as a 6th and 8th grade educator at Jackson Middle School, a Title I High-Impact school in Greensboro.  As a practitioner, Kimberly is extremely proud of getting RESULTS- currently resulting in 8 years of CONSISTENT GROWTH!

As a National Board Certified educator, Kimberly’s keys to success in the classroom are BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS, CONSISTENTLY REFLECTING ON PEDAGOGICAL PRACTICE & CONSTANTLY FILLING ONE’S TOOLBOX.  Kimberly believes that it is essential that teachers commit to on-going learning; particularly experiences that connect them to other strong practitioners and diverse learning environments.  Experiences such as serving as a NC Kenan Fellow and her recent participation in the Fulbright-Hays Group Project Abroad to China have allowed Kimberly to overflow her teacher toolbox in an effort to learn-then-share best practices with other educators. 

- National Boards Certified, 2012
- Elementary Education (K-6)
- English/Language Arts Middle Grades (6-9)
- Academically Gifted (K-12)

Areas of Expertise:
- National Boards Support
- Classroom Globalization
- Developing the 21st Learner
- Creating Self-Directed & Self-Disciplined Learners
- Flipped & Hybrid learning environments
- Relationship building with ALL Stakeholders
- Differentiation
- Growing ALL Learners
- Mentoring

Major Honors/Achievements
- “Rookie Teacher of the Year” at Jackson Middle School (2008)
- Recognized at “Teacher of the Year” during first year at Lincoln Academy    

- Fulbright-Hays participate with Group Project Abroad to China (2015-16)
- NC Kenan Fellow (2013-14)
- Chosen as 1 of 50 educators across the globe to become Edmodo Train-the-

  Trainers (2015) 

​​SynergyEd  Consulting