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Here at SynergyEd Consulting, we believe that when educators come together and focus our knowledge and skills we have the power to positively impact educational transform. 

›"›As a current candidate to become National Board certified this process is important to me as a teacher so that I may start to effectively critique, facilitate, and even validate my own teaching. Ultimately, my students are most affected by my pedagogy so I need to constructively know how to best serve them. Mrs. Sanderlin has been such a help in this process. As a candidate I feel so much more confident, and I am becoming comfortable with what to expect from the National Board with Mrs. Sanderlin's valuable experience as well as expertise."

~ Jacqueline Ekmalian, The Academy at Lincoln 
  7th Grade Science & Current National Boards Candidate (2015-16)


›"I began my National Board adventure this fall after learning there would be a cohort to assist teachers in GCS. Many of my friends had gone ahead of me to achieve their board (certification) and the downside I continued to hear over and over again was they had to travel to surrounding school systems (Forsyth, Iredell, and Wake) to access support.  When I learned of the SynergyEd consulting team offering free sessions to teachers who were interested in pursuing their National Board, I signed up. Since the first session, my anxiety lessened and I felt I am ready to go for my National Board! The support and expertise they have provided so far has been a good experience and I have shared this with other teacher friends hoping they will follow in line to pursue their board too. My certification is a two year process, so I am hoping SynergyEd support sessions will continue as I move forward with the final part. I feel if SynergyEd continues to offer these support sessions and provide their individual knowledge and expertise, more teachers in GCS would jump at the opportunity to pursue their National Boards  Teachers love helping others, as well as getting support to better themselves as educators and knowing they are growing children for the future!"

~ Elizabeth Spencer, Northern Elementary
   Exceptional Children Educator & Current National Board Candidate (2015-16)

  • Online, National Board Certification Support Sessions from the comfort of your living room couch!
  • Personalized staff development sessions that are results-driven
  • Full utilization of the talents and skills of staff to reap maximum results in student achievement ​



›"›I feel that Mrs. Sanderlin and SynergyEd Consulting have helped me through the National Board process. First, they gave me the courage to even attempt getting my national board by breaking down the steps into easily accomplishable tasks. They bring their own experiences to the seminars which helps with getting through this process. They take time to work with each of us so that we have the best chance possible of passing each section on the first try. I have recommended this seminar to other Guilford County educators."

~ Chandra Bethea, Northwest Guilford High School
   CTE Educator & Current National Board Candidate (2015-16)

Quotes From Current SynergyEd Consulting Participants​

Staff Growth and Development

We will help you to create a plan for continuous staff growth and development at each career stage from novice to advanced

National Board Certification Assistance

We will support you on your journey towards National Board Certification by connecting you to resources and a community of National Board Certified Coaches

  • Innovative online support for National Board candidates
  • Onsite, personalized staff development tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Training in the use of evaluations to support and scaffold staff growth and development 

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