“The Specialist”

Linda’s educational journey began with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Sociology from The University of Pennsylvania. She received a master’s degree in English Education from Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Linda is a graduate of the Madeline Hunter Clinical Supervision Level I and Level II Program at The University of California, Los Angeles. An Educational Specialist degree in Supervision was earned at East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina.

Linda has teaching experiences which span from the inner-city of Philadelphia to rural Northeastern North Carolina. A previous consultant with the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction, she assisted local school systems and schools in implementing high quality reading and writing programs and effective classroom management systems. Linda was responsible for the design of the local career development/merit pay system for the Edenton-Chowan Schools, Edenton, NC. She also developed an alternative evaluation program that was twice accredited by the Southeastern Regional Vision for Education (SERVE) and selected by the NCDPI to be used statewide as a model. Committed to providing personalized, job-imbedded professional development for teachers at every stage of their career, Linda facilitated the development of a National Board Support Program for Edenton-Chowan Schools. The school system had the highest percentage of National Board Certified teachers for three consecutive years. This educator believes that schools that develop teacher leaders evolve into high performing schools and professional learning communities. 

- Curriculum Instructional Specialist
- Elementary Education (K-6)
- Middle Grades Language Arts (6-9)
- Middle Grades Social Studies (6-9)
- Mentor

-  Induction and Training of New Personnel
-  Developing Effective Mentoring Programs
-  Using Teacher Observations as a Tool for Personalized Professional Development
-  Using Walkthroughs for Diagnosis of School-Level Staff Development Needs
-  Training Administrators and Supervisors in the Effective Use of Observations and  


-  Using National Board Certification for the Recruitment and Retention  

   of Staff

Linda S. Perry,

Founder and Vice-President  

​​SynergyEd  Consulting