SEC Teacher Leader Institute 2021-2022

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Greetings from Kimberly "KPS" Perry-Sanderlin, CEO/Co-Founder of SynergyEd Consulting Services, LLC (Raleigh NC).

I get asked on a daily basis "KPS, how did you get where you are as a COACH & LEADER?" I know educators informally see my resume- National Board Certified Educator, State & National Conference speaker, presenter at elite educational camps, member of Governor Cooper's Teacher Advisory Committee, NC Kenan Fellow and beyond- and want to know HOW they can make their own LEADERSHIP path within NC Public Education. I realize that I can tell educators all day; what they really are asking is:

- HOW do I get it done?

- HOW do I identify my educational STRENGTHS and use them to support others?

- HOW can I, too, be successful in achieving various LEADERSHIP goals?

In a season where we truly need to SUPPORT & RETAIN our TEACHER LEADERS, SynergyEd has the solution for you!

SEC Presents: 2021-2022 Teacher Leader Institute! The SEC Team, along with guest educational and industry leaders, will be giving the "secret sauce" to becoming a STRONG, EFFECTIVE Teacher Leader.

- 6 month virtual intensive, so educators can either access LIVE or asynchronously (FLEXIBLE)

- Strategic sessions that will help educators develop holistically and according to their own strengths and weaknesses

- Example of monthly topics that will be covered:

1) Identifying your Educational Strengths & Weaknesses

2) How do I impact GROWTH in my School and/or District?

3) What is out there to help develop your Leadership?

4) How can I increase my Financial Value as a Teacher Leader?

5) How do I brand myself through state and national conferences?

6) How do I get funding (grants) for my educational visions?

- Click on the SAMPLE button below to see a sample resource that your Teacher Leaders will receive and apply to their leadership journey

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We look forward to serving you!

Kimberly Perry-Sanderlin, CEO/Co-Founder

SynergyEd Consulting Services, LLC