Great XPectations LIVE

Any fan of the TV show A Different World will remember the iconic "Great XPectations" episode.  I remember watching Dean Dandridge explain the Martin/Malcolm project and saying "One day, I'm going to do that lesson with my students!" 

Fast-forward to January 19, 2022 and I'm presenting it to my current 8th grade Gifted & Talented scholars; a dream come true! 

So WHY am I here offering it to other scholars? 

A: When I found that 50% of my 8th grade Gifted & Talented learners didn't know who Malcolm X was, I realized that SynergyEd needed to share Great XPectations 2.0 with other scholars around the world!  

This learning journey is geared to scholars Grades 6-12, but if you have savvy scholars a little younger or older, they're welcome to join with a tad bit of parental support 

We are offering the journey in 2 Cohorts: 

Cohort 1= LIVE Saturday sessions (1-2pm) during the month of February 2022 

Cohort 2= Async/Self-Paced through LMS (Google Classroom)

What to expect

- Master teacher-led journey through ACTIVISM of the past and present 

- Access to Quality resources on ACTIVISM 

- Guest speakers 

- Collaborative final project (Dean Dandridge would be proud!)  


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