SynergyEd's Professional Development Series

Behavior Management: Most major issues within the classroom result from gaps in the educator’s behavior management system.  SynergyEd Consulting will help bridge those gaps by:
- Providing on-site observations to pinpoint behavior management needs
- Providing specific, individualized feedback to each educator observed
- Providing tailored professional development modules for your site
- Providing ongoing staff development support
 Bringing the WORLD to the CLASSROOM: Using Technology to Build Global Environments
- Are your funds and timing for field trips limited?
- Not quite sure how GLOBAL AWARENESS fits into your pacing guide?
- Ready to increase both your learners’ and your own global awareness?

This seminar will focus on leveraging readily-available technology to increase global perspective (Standard 3) within the classroom.  Topics to be covered:
- Deciding WHERE and HOW to fit GLOBAL CONNECTIONS into your curriculum
- How to CONNECT with foreign educators and classrooms
- How to develop PEN PAL relationships using classroom management tools such as Edmodo and OneDrive

 Stakeholder Involvement:
- Open House and other parent meetings empty?
- Need creative ways to engage parents and other stakeholders?
  **This session will empower educators and school officials to actively engage parents and other community entities to form partnerships

       within the school. 
The 21st century classrooms are the most diverse that they have ever been in history; not just culturally, but also with various academic strengths and weaknesses.  A masterful educator is one who knows how to effectively differentiate to meet the needs of ALL learners.  Topics covered will include:
- Effectively pre-assessing student’s needs
- Creating or implementing lesson or units of study that allow for maximize differentiation
- Creating assessments (both formal and informal) that assess mastery and continuous learning needs 

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